Friday, April 25, 2008

Follow Up On DW Appliance Post

There has been a response in the market place to the continued rise of the DW appliance. Last week, I made a post on the DW and BI appliance market and some of the upstart players that have created this new market. Well, based on this article, the DW market leader has responded. Teradata is now providing entry level products to compete with the upstarts. Even more interesting is that they are now providing their database software for free for test purposes! Netezza had some interesting responses to the Teradata strategy, including that they are glad to see Teradata finally recognize the DW appliance space.

An interesting side note is that Teradata's marketing slogan on their website is "The Power of Choice". It is very Keanu Reeves from the Matrix Trilogy. Wondering if there is some sublimal message there with HP's DW solution, Neoview.

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