Friday, February 29, 2008

The 2008 Fast50 Has Arrived

Ever wonder what it takes to be truly innovative? Well, every year I enjoy skimming through Fast Company's annual picks for the world's most innovative companies. These are companies that make things happen. These are companies that constantly push the envelope with a mind for being the best in their respective niches.

This year (Fast Company - March 2008 issue), Google tops the list and the FC article goes on to highlight 10 or so of the key roles in the company that make it No. 1 for 2008. And, indeed, Google has made an indelible mark on our current generation and leaves me asking "What makes Google hot and others not?"

Well, who makes the list is a question for Fast Company - but I personally believe that innovation is an eye for constantly innovating the future and the guts to stay true to a culture that supports disciplined creativity. An oxymoron possibly but innovation is intentional and by no means an accident.

This blog is new - but it is going to be intentional. And it is going to be about innovation. The type of innovation that drives business design and continual strategy execution.

Talk DIG is going to be about information and how information is being harnessed to drive "fast" companies toward business success. This blog is for potential DIG 2008 attendees and anyone else who uses and/or needs information to do their job. In this blog, we will explore data, analytics, and E2.o tools for insight sharing. I am going to focus on the Enterprise 2.o concepts and tools.

Stay tuned and jump into the dialog as you desire. I hope that I will be a stimulating and amusing facilitator if not an able guide through the topic at hand.

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