Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In the Mood

How are you getting your engines revved for Vegas the DIG conference?

Consider this an open thread to share book and article recommendations related to data, analytics or enterprise 2.0. The poster with the most compelling suggestion treated to their choice of a soft drink or adult beverage at the Green Valley Ranch by legendary DIG conference chair Pete “Memphis Ruined My Week” Graham.


Bob Imberman said...

To get the ball rolling, I'll offer Supercrunchers by Yale professor Ian Ayres. It is essentially an ode to the value of analytics; the title refers to the notion that improvements in data and analytic technology have led to an exponential increase in the insights of data analytics. There are some great examples that can useful to those of can us evangelizing analytics. Plus, Ayres is just an interesting fellow - he's the man behind, an economist's idea of a self-help website...

Anonymous said...

Ayres spoke last week at the Gartner BI Summit and was quite compelling, especially about running randomized trials on web marketing initiatives, and just about everything else.

The book I'll offer up is Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by social technologies . I'm not sure if its officially for sale yet, but I just got through reading an advance copy, and its a great overview with lots of practical examples. A good starting off point for anyone new to the Enterprise 2.0 space.

Peter Graham said...

Let's try this again!

This is a bit of an old article, but if you aren't familiar with the concepts of Web 2.0, I would recommend taking a look at this article by Tim O'Reilly.

I would also suggest "Wisdom Of Crowds" by James Surowiecki.