Wednesday, May 7, 2008

DIG countdown begins

The DIG conference begins next week. Personally, I can’t wait to be part of a three day conversation that focuses on DATA, INFORMATION, and KNOWLEDGE as key enablers to better business decision-making. For sure, the “fast company” of my concern is the one that marries solid business facts with the mobilizing energy of mass collaboration. The possibilities are quite exhilarating!

I will be the facilitator of the E2.0 (knowledge) theme of the conference. In this theme, we will be exploring the opportunity and the application of E2.0 tools to drive business value within our enterprises. We are fortunate to have E2.0 veterans, Euan Semple and R. Todd Stephens, joining us to share both their practical experiences and their seasoned insights on the business value of E2.0 tools and applications within world class corporations (ATT and BBC). Both have success stories to share but, of even more interest to me, they have the battle wounds of practical experience to really dig into the topic. Also, we will have a keynote presentation by Andrew McAfee who is recognized for coining the term E2.0! What a line up.

Noting the fact that we plan to have a Twitter event connection to post everyone’s live comments and questions, I hope that we can really have an open and honest dialog that enables each of us who attend to come away with a deeper perspective on E2.0 and an expanded network to draw upon down the road.

Here are the some of the topics that we will discuss.
1) Business value of Social Computing
2) Integration of Analytics within E2.0 – Are we doing it? What is it yielding?
3) Is E2.0 bringing us closer to our Customers?
4) What is the dependent relationship between Culture and E2.0?
5) Is there a maturity model to E2.0 adoption?
6) Can a company really ignore the onslaught of Web 2.0?
7) …and what are the success stories that we should be studying!

Our only task is to bring a good attitude into the dialog. I hope that you will come with an open and inquisitive mind – a mind that is ready to listen, to poke, and to prod. The bottom line is that this conference is all about being “part of the dialog” so let’s have some fun with it.

See you there and please introduce yourself. Safe travels if you are coming from out of state. Let the conversation flow.

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