Friday, March 21, 2008

E2.o NewsBytes

Several weeks ago, I made a post in our E2.o theme titled: Mass Collaboration meets the Experts.

On Wednesday, Knowledge@Wharton published a great article on the topic (brought to my attention by Experientia) titled: The Experts vs. the Amateurs: A Tug of War over the Future of Media. Though the article is more Web2.o oriented than E2.o oriented, it does a nice job of laying out the juxtaposition of expert and amateur content as complementary means to an end. It concludes:

Despite hand wringing over professional and amateur content, the reality is that consumers will use and appreciate both.

Another item that I would like to suggest reading was a press release (the actual story would be better but I don’t have access to it), about The Conference Board Review's March/April 2008 cover story, which showed online on Forbes. The title was The Future of Advice. I ran across this story when reading a post on the topic in Ross Mayfield’s weblog. Mayfield concludes his post, titled Advice is a Conversation, with the comment:

I'm not sure how we lost our way with BI and decision support tools and forgot that advice is a conversation.

These themes are exactly what TalkDIG and the DIG2008 conference in May aim to address. We are trying to spark the dialog that rightly positions INFORMATON, in all of its manifestations, as a core enabler of successful business strategy and execution.

Join the dialog. What do you think?

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Matthew Budman said...

Thanks for the plug, George! Michael Schrage's article is online here.