Friday, March 21, 2008

R. Todd Stephens, Bo Cowgill and Euan Semple to Speak on Enterprise 2.0 at DIG 2008

I am pleased to announce that R. Todd Stephens, Bo Cowgill and Euan Semple will all be speaking on the topic of Enterprise 2.0 at DIG 2008. Each will be presenting case studies from organizations where they have adopted E2.0 for competitive advantage.

R. Todd Stephens, who is a Senior Technical Architect at AT&T, will discuss AT&T's success with adopting collaborative and social technology. R. Todd's case example will present a 3-tiered program to adopt social platforms and how AT&T has shown business value as adoption grows within the organization. R. Todd has also been actively participating on the Talk DIG blog, which we like to see!

Bo Cowgill, an Economist at Google, will be speaking about Google's use of internal prediction markets. Google has the largest corporate implementation of prediction markets, which they utilize to capture the "wisdom of crowds". If you aren't familiar with the topic of mass collaboration, James Surowiecki wrote the book Wisdom of Crowds, which makes the case that in the proper setting, large groups of people can make better decisions than individual experts. Google is using markets internally to identify winning project ideas based on how employees trade options on the success or failure of a project.

In our final case study Euan Semple, a social computing advisor, will discuss how the BBC has established in an internal social network to improve efficiency and increase innovation. Euan will discuss what tools the BBC leverages to improve collaboration and communication that impacts the corporate culture, individual behaviors and provide the ability to get things done! The BBC has leveraged this platform to even extend the conversation beyond the four walls of the organization and make everyone a marketer for the BBC. Euan also blogs on the topic of social networks and technology at the aptly named "The Obvious?".

We are excited to have R. Todd, Bo and Euan speak about their experiences in knowledge in the area of E2.0.

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