Monday, March 17, 2008

Simple and Fun E2.0 Videos - A Needed Oasis for the Day

This past Friday (March 14th, 2008), we saw the collapse of a 20th century financial institution Bear Stearns. The investment bank was purportedly overleveraged with hedge fund debt and mortgage-backed investments! This weekend, the Fed took action to bolster consumer sentiment by reducing interest rates a bit, probably as an off cycle token of their intention this week, and by approving and insuring (up to $30 billion in troubled mortgages, etc…) the buyout of Bear Stearns by JP Morgan for $2 per share (a fraction of their market capitalization just last week). Let’s be frank, we are entering a confusing and emotional week for many.

Therefore, in recognizing the volatility and complexity of the day, I would like to point folks to an oasis of easy and fun videos. These videos will keep your mind focused for just a minute or two, here and there throughout the day. For those more experienced practitioners, these videos are old hat but I suspect that they will be refreshing for most all of us!

Let's go to The Common Craft Show. This is an online website boasting a series of what I believe are simply fun yet truly explanatory videos of Web2.0 tools and more. The site is the creation of Sachi LeFever and Lee LeFever in Seattle, WA. See the following,


I would also suggest the following PDF titled
Enterprise 2.0: Fad or Future by Gary Matuszak at KPMG for some simple E2.o overview reading.

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